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In Founder's Community ® we have weekly expert speakers who will teach you everything from marketing and sales, to finance, management, and diversity and inclusion.

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Founder's Community® focuses on a diversity of thought, background, and industry. We do our best to have a range of speakers from different backgrounds. The world is changing rapidly and our expert guests help you keep up.

What if you burned it all to the ground? Dr. Angela Mulrooney walks us through optimizing your business and your life to get rid of unwanted bulk, inefficiencies, and make the most of your time

Having worked with over 45 software and service companies, Kyle has helped businesses build repeatable sales processes that have generated over 100M in sales. In addition to his consulting work,

Jackie shares with us her insights in regards to building self-confidence and the different steps we can all take to overcome feelings of self-doubt. For those who are interested in learning more about this topic, the one main question we wanted to know is:

After an introduction to the concept of neurodiversity, Sandra Morel, Founder of Sens & Nuances, shares her insights with us as we dive into its meaning for entrepreneurs and talk in an open discussion about the challenges and opportunities we get out of it.

Matthew provides us with an introduction to integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into your organization and the leadership style best suited from the start.

Strategy Manager at Digital Limelight Media as he walks us through how to use Google Ads properly. This talk will be great if you'd like to experiment with running ads on your own or even managing an agency that is running advertising for you.

New York City native, Jonathan J. Mentor is the Founder & CEO of Successment, a revenue growth partner for diverse B2B tech startups where he developed BOOM®, a 4-step growth process that uncomplicates RevOps Science.

Daniela is an Immigration Attorney who has experience helping entrepreneurs invest, outsource, and do business in Colombia.

Long time founder and co-founder of an agency with over 170 clients, Ryan specializes in Search Engine Optimization.

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